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Bariq @ The K-Show

Excited to meet THE BIGGEST RPET FACTORY IN AFRICA? Looking forward to know how it all started? Interested to get FREE samples of our high quality rPET product? Visit us at K – The World´s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber in Germany 2022!

Ocean Protection

We always believed that our quest is to keep the Earth Green and Oceans Blue by removing plastics from the Environment. Each year 11 million metric tons leaks to oceans. number are expected to double with growth in consumption. Ocean plastics not only threatens life in the ocean but also affects the earth balance on many levels which will lead to life threatening consequences. we are doing our part by recycling 15 billion bottles till 2022 and targeting to reach 50 million bottles by 2030.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest risks that threatens life as we know it on earth. global emissions are rising and global targets are still far from achieving. 99% of plastics are produced from chemicals sourced from fossil fuels one of the biggest contributors to climate change Plastic the If this trend were to continue, the GHG emissions from plastics would reach 15% of the global carbon budget by 2050. The International Energy Agency says. Even as we try to curb fossil-fuel use in sectors such as transportation and heating, consumption of plastics will only increase, based on our current trajectory. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) estimates that if trends continue, plastics will account for 20% of oil consumption by 2050.

Circular Economy

A true circular economy model that includes proper design which enables recyclability of all products is one of the main pillars of climate mitigation by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Apart from the direct effect of recycling that removes the waste from environment, Recycling uses less energy, which translates into fewer fossil fuels burned. Also using waste as raw material successfully closes the circular economy loop for produced products which decrease the counting on virgin material.

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Being in the recycling industry, we use post-consumer plastic bottles to produce new products made of recycled material. This contributes to climate change mitigation where we prevent waste from being dumped in the ocean or landfills saving greenhouse gases. Because we are aware that environmental sustainability cannot be achieved without social contribution, that’s why developing our direct and indirect stakeholders is our objective. 



Bariq Egypt, a subsidiary of INTRO Resource Recovery Holding, is the first PET bottle to bottle Manufacturer in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 2011, Bariq is an independent Egyptian PET recycler started production in 2012. ​Bariq product is perfectly inline with the needs of global players in the packaging industry; with top notch technology suppliers, Starlinger, AMUT and TOMRA. In addition to the above, Bariq product is EFSA, FDA, Health Canada and REACH Compliant. Finally Bariq to ensure the circular economy, bariq is registered under Ecoembes Spain as the only non-european PET Recycler.​As quality is one of the top pillars of Bariq's operations our facilities is EUCertplast, BRC, Global Recycling Standard and SEDEX certified.

Products & Services

Bariq products are processed with top notch equipment with the highest technology in the market. Bariq’s products are complying with the highest quality standards, while applying world class quality assurance and traceability international standards.

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